Nudity and The Real American Values

A little rant By Gone Awry ?
For those that might not be aware I would like to take this opportunity to do a small rant. In the U.S., there are many laws that protect people and enable them to express themselves. I talked about that in depth in an earlier post entitled, “Censored Unclothed Bodies,” so I won’t go into that again. But what pisses me off again and again is the double standard that exists here in America with regards to values and legal issues.
I believe speak for most people after I say the KKK is an evil organization that discriminates and thrives on hate.
I think most folks would also agree that in and of itself, the naked body is natural.
Any Questions?
In case a group of KKK members want to enjoy a beer at a pub they can do so pretty much anytime they want. They could don their newly ironed robes and paint the town red. They were even granted the right to drive pretty much everywhere. People might walk out in protest, they might remain and give them dirty looks and even a fight might break out. But the pub itself is permitted to serve them.
But imagine if a group of nudies need to do exactly the same? Well there are a lot of states that have laws on the books that would forbid a pub from selling booze to naked folks. So to make things simple – the nudies would get arrested!
If this really is actually the core values that we instruct our kids in America then is it really such a surprise that they’d be quick to act out violent impulses? After all, if the KKK is accepted and recognized by the authorities then why not – right?
Am I the only idiot here that feels as though something has gone really wrong in the progression of our core American Values now?
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