homophobic. Ironically, I became quite comfy and engaged in dialog with many

of the Naturists, beach girl fuck and female.
That day in May, 2001, would continue on with watching nude men and women
compete in a SK run. I experienced nothing sexual or arresting as the younger, more in
shape, athletic women and men ruled the race. I did think to myself that some of the
women would have been more comfortable running with a sports bra, as the men would
have been, with jock straps. Joyce and I would compete in the 2.5K walk later on that
morning. I shall make mention that we walked briskly and behind a group of moderately
attractive young naked women.

elow her navel. I thought to myself Wow, this is what hot is about.

As the day

progressed we visited the pool area and lakeside where individuals were basking in the sun,
playing volleyball, or swimming. I thought to myself how the news media had formerly
sensationalized the attack on a woman by an alligator while swimming naked with her
As we prepared to leave later in the day, we came upon a picture spot with the
resorts Lake Como symbol in the background. A nearby fireman, in uniform, offered to take
our pictures. I must admit May, 2001 was to say the least, an eye opener for me. http://nudismphotos.net/posts/my-first-visit-to-a-clothing-optional-resort/ located
the expertise to be very relaxing and natural. Although the physical presence of nakedness
and exposure of sexual organs were everywhere and initially would dominate my perceptions and
Comprehension of both male and female anatomy, I’d leave the resort with the composure
realization that social nudism is alive and well. It can play an extremely positive role in the lives of
people yearning to be content with their bodies while experiencing a wonderful return to
nature and all it is beauty.
I ‘m thankful to Joyce for providing me the chance to to experience the life of a
social naturist. I, nonetheless, would not be interested in a return trip, but would encourage
those who may have an interest, to experience and study social nudism. For those who
choose to follow the path of social nudism, I view it as a healthy, valuable, and viable
lifestyle for Americans looking to live in a comfy, non judgmental community while
seeking a wonderful return to nature. ” 3

My next subject was a gentleman in his early sixties. He’s happily married and has
four children and five grandchildren. He appreciates various types of sports for example bicycling,
swimming, and kayaking. He recently bought his wife a kayak for mother’s day, and they
are intending to venture to various rivers within the state of Florida to indulge in this sport.
When I approached him about doing this interview on societal nudism he willingly obliged.
He stated that he does not have a problem tolerating people or families engaging in the
Naturist lifestyle if confined to controlled environments for example designated nude beaches
and resorts. He believes that the naked bea9hes should be protected from non-nudists though,
particularly kids and teens, striving to gawk at the nudists.
Social nudism is not awesome to my subject. Years past he frequently sailed with his
family up to Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida. At that time there were no laws
banning nudity on the plage. He said that he nor his family were troubled by the site of
Naked sunbathers basking in the hot Florida sun. While vacationing in Zurich Switzerland, my
subject also seen a nude beach. To my surprise he informed me that his next door
neighbor is a naturist. He inadvertently found this out when he went to her house to borrow
something and she answered the door naked, clasping just a dishtowel. She apologized and
then clarified that she is a naturist. According to my area, that was that, and he and his
wife are now very good friends with their neighbor. Nonetheless, he did reveal that his
neighbor is a nurse, and as evidenced, has had one of her breasts removed. He continued to
say that his neighbor sees the Land 0 Lakes naturist resorts frequently with the aim of
socializing with others while nude. After researching my subject, and learning that Naturists

have quite high levels of body approval and are so non judgmental towards others,
1 can see how girls who’ve had a mastectomy might seek out naturist resorts to enrich

the attempts of accepting their surgeries.
In response to my question of why individuals engage in social nudism, my theme
Answered that he believes it gives nudists a sense of freedom, it feels more natural, and the
Independence from wearing clothing. He additionally said that he doesn’t see this lifestyle as being
sexual whatsoever. Furthermore, after sitting and talking with my subject for a while I could feel
that he does not have any negative feelings about social nudism.
Continuing on with the interview my topic declared that over the years he’s
become more liberal minded. He credits some of this to the normal aging process as well
as the people and experiences encountered throughout his life. Nevertheless, he readily acknowledges